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How it Works

About Nariste Networks

Nariste Networks is a start-up company specializing in wireless positioning. Our LiveReckoning™ Hybrid Positioning Engine technology is designed to deliver maximum performance based on a strong understanding of the practical and theoretical limits of wireless technologies and associated location solutions. The underlying technology was developed at one of Australia's major research universities, the University of New South Wales. Nariste Network R&D Centre is at the Australian Technology Park, Sydney. Nariste Networks is partially funded by the Australian Government Commercializing Emerging Technologies (COMET) program.

Nariste Networks has obtained Global IP protection on all key elements of its location system, and is currently seeking technical partners to assist in porting its technology to 3G and WiMax networks. It is also seeking investment partners in order to take its technology to the global market.

Nariste Networks USA
Business Technology Center
2400 North Lincoln Ave.
Altadena, CA 91001, USA
Tel. +1/323.257.7152,
Fax: +1/775.249.0616

Nariste Networks Australia
National Innovation Centre
Australian Technology Park Suite 125, Level 1
Sydney, NSW 1430, Australia.