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How it Works

E911 Services For Wireless VoIP

Enhanced emergency services (E911) are critical for emerging wireless VoIP services. Nariste Networks patented hybrid positioning algorithms can help wireless VoIP providers meet their FCC mandated E911 requirements.

Nariste software enables VoIP devices to accurately track location against ambient network signals. When the device's location information does not meet the required accuracy, a GPS fix is taken as soon as the GPS signal is available. Emergency location information is sent to the operator only when an emergency call is made.

According to FCC E911 requirements when an emergency call is made, location information must be made available to the operator within 30 seconds, with accuracy within 50m no less than 67% of the time. Nariste technology is optimized to meet those specifications while improving battery life.
Nariste's Wireless VoIP E911 Solution

• Meets FCC E911
• Energy Efficient
• Secure
• Authentication Enhanced
• Indoor/Outdoor Operational
• WiFi Compliant

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