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How it Works

LiveReckoning™ Hybrid Positioning Engine

Nariste Networks' LiveReckoning Hybrid Positioning Engine provides the wireless communication market with a versatile, high-accuracy solution for optimal geolocation of network devices.

LiveReckoning is based on Nariste's patented hybrid positioning algorithms which provide the best location fix at the minimum energy cost. LiveReckoning helps solve the battery-life issues that plague today's GPS-enabled cellular devices.

LiveReckoning can use information from any wireless network the device can "hear" in order to position the device. LiveReckoning software embedded on the device determines if the location accuracy required by the application is met by the wireless signal location metrics. If the application's accuracy is not met, the software signals the device's GPS chipset to switch on. GPS is used only when absolutely necessary. All confirmed positioning information is sent to a central database, making LiveReckoning more accurate with each additional user. All geo-tagged information supplied by the user undergoes detailed mathematical analysis to confirm the validity of both the location and signal metrics provided. LiveReckoning technology enables optimal battery usage, instant location fix, and improved accuracy relative to other solutions, such as Google's My Location™.

  LiveReckoning™ GPS-only Google®
Works with latest GPS-enabled SmartPhones X X X
Accurate within 50 meters X X Only with GPS(300m-1700m for
Instant Location X X
Meets FCC E911 requirements X
Outdoors only
Improves Battery Life X    
Works Indoors X   X
Works with multiple RF technologies X    
Constantly Improving Database X   X
Authenticates User-Supplied Database Information X    
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How it Works