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Nariste Conducts Commercial Trials

Wireless positioning technology tested in large scale field trials

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May 15, 2008 SYDNEY Nariste Networks today announced preliminary results of large scale field trials of the company's wireless positioning technology currently being conducted in the Sydney metropolitan area. The company's hybrid positioning algorithms provide geolocation services for mobile devices such as cellular phones and PDAs.

"We are pleased to announce that our WiFi field trials have confirmed that our solution delivers superior positioning accuracy and power savings over wireless systems that rely on GPS only," said Dr Tom Armor, head of Business Development at Nariste Networks in the US. "Early results show that our hybrid positioning algorithms can consistently deliver instant location information in the range of 20-50 meters, even when operating indoors, while delivering vastly longer battery lifetimes"

The field trials were conducted in Sydney over a three-week period using commercially available 3G handsets such as the Nokia N82 and a live 3G network.

According to market analysts, by 2009 more than 25% of all 3G mobile phones shipped will have GPS. The GPS-enabled phone market is anticipated to grow to over $100 billion by 2012. Nariste software is designed to solve the battery life issues that plague the current generation of GPS-enabled phones. Nariste's hybrid positioning algorithms use RF signal metrics and a database of known RF sources to track the location of mobile devices. GPS is only used when absolutely necessary.

Nariste software embedded on the device uses information from any wireless network the device can "hear" in order to position the device. The software determines if the location accuracy required by the application is met by the wireless signal location metrics. If the application's accuracy is not met, the software signals the device's GPS chipset to switch on. All confirmed positioning information is sent to a central database, making the technology more accurate with each additional user. Nariste confirms the validity of the geo-tagged data before uploading to a secure server - a unique security feature of its collection strategy. LiveReckoning technology enables optimal battery usage, instant location fix, and improved accuracy relative to other solutions.

Nariste plans to conduct additional trials in Los Angeles and other cities later this year. The company has offices in Sydney and Altadena, California.

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Nariste Networks
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